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Have you ever walked past a dumpster or looked at trucks entering a refuse center and thought to yourself "look at all that awesome junk"? Probably not, but I sure do....and have since I was a small child. My Papa regularly took me to his treasure trove...the dump. Papa and I always left with more than we brought to the dump. We would spend hours digging through the trash, finding anything from old furniture to pocket knives and Tonka trucks. Grammy wasn't always pleased with our big score but she appreciated the value we could see in other people's trash. Unlike Papa who liked our treasures just the way we found them, I always wanted to paint them or transform them into something even better. Today, we call that upcycling. Instead of pulling trash out of the dump, now I scour estate sales, thrift stores, and social media to find my next truckload of project pieces. I often have people contact me when they have something they think I may want to transform....and I love those calls & messages!  I find it so encouraging when someone falls in love with a piece that I have upcycled and I try to maintain price points that work with any budget.





Rurupean Treasures does custom work too. Do you have an old piece of furniture that needs some new life breathed into it? We would love to give you a quote for upcycling. Provide us with a couple photos of the piece along with your color palette. If you have a photo of an example of what you want, that makes it even easier for us to meet your expectations!  You will find that our pricing is very reasonable and our turnaround is generally 2-3 weeks. We use only high-quality chalk paint, gel stains, and sealers. Having trouble deciding what color to go with? Let our experienced team guide you through the design and selection process. Contact us or Book an Appointment for a quote​.


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Handtruck Coffee Table

Handtruck Coffee Table






Have you visited the Rurup Farm yet? You can also book a time to check out our Rurupean Treasures, or let us upcycle your furniture. The Farm life is a good life!

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